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We do cover your day-to-day kitchen operations to strategic planning. Tangible Supporting Equipments & Business Consultants are provided to grow your business faster.

Globally, Indonesia's Ranked 13th in Food Delivery's Growth

With CAGR approx. 19% in food delivery, Indonesia's ranked higher compared to China & South Korea.

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Start your delivery-focused kitchen with Us!

We almost got all covered! You can just focus on developing your product and make your brand BIG!

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Telepot Co-Kitchen:
Cloud Kitchen dengan Fasilitas Terlengkap
Cloud kitchen with
largest facilities to date

Facilitate you more than a kitchen operational needs. Other business function also supported.

Cloud Kitchen dengan Fasilitas Social Media
Social media-ready facilities
to grow your brand

Substitute your marketing budget to more on strategic development such as expansion to grab markets from all.

Cloud Kitchen yang Siap Berjalan dalam Waktu Kurang dari 30 Hari
Immediate and ready to start
in less than 30 days

Ready to move in all equipments and ingridients required to your kitchen to start operating your F&B business.

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